FarmHouse Fresh Buffing Masks

It’s an exfoliator + a mask!

These 100% natural, wholesome, vitamin-rich ingredient masks help all skin types. Choose from: Tea Cucumber: (Toning) whole milk, calming and antioxidant-rich cucumber peel and green tea extract , and tightening green clay. Mango-Poppy Seed: (Clarifying)Mango extract, turmeric, whole milk, hydrating mango butter, and exfoliating poppy seeds. Strawberry Lavender: (Pore-Refining) Organic lavender and rice powder exfoliate, whole milk and mango butter.  Burdock & Butter:   (Hydrating) calming burdock root and rice powder, whole milk and hydrating mango butter. Each one contains 4 facial treatments!

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